It’s not just about debossing a logo on a beautiful book. It’s about understanding a brand and a product, to creatively foster the related emotions and transform them into a book. Together, we create your personalised notebook. Our ambition is to think differently and to always go beyond the limits of the medium “book” through concept, design and choice of material.

Two black and white striped notebooks with a circular cutout design, standing, and another striped notebook with red accents, lying down
Stack of bound notebooks with blue and green patterns
Stack of metallic shimmering notebooks in pink, blue, and orange
Folded notebook with grayscale city map and red text 'room for ideas'
Three black notebooks with gold, silver, and bronze embossing of the text 'The Good The Bad & The Ugly Ideas' on a dark background
Two closed notebooks with embossed seal on the cover, on a newspaper with financial market information
Blue notebook with matching pen on a spread-out fabric banner with white letters
Open blue notebook and closed white notebook with inscription 'white book for inspiring ideas'
Stacked notebooks in black, grey, light blue, and white with the text 'nuuna'
Neon green textured notebook with matching pen secured by a wide yellow elastic band
Collection of notebooks, including one with 'My Selfie' inscription, a golden one with Moët & Chandon branding, and a light gray linen book with golden accents
Black stationery set with notebook, clipboard, pen, and ruler, on notebook with 'millimeter' inscription and scale design
Stack of grey fabric notebooks with individual color accents
Two notebooks with color circles in graduated red and green tones
Three notebooks in black, gray, and dark red with embossed floral patterns, held together by a black paper clip
Dark green bound notebooks with golden embossing and knight motif on the cover
Three notebooks with typographic pattern from the letters 'FUCKING GOOD IDEAS' in black and white
Black notebooks with orange edge and 'Held der Arbeit' embossing on the cover
Three notebooks with embossed CERVO logo in black, beige, and grey, staggered
Black notebook with three closure bands and the title 'The most discreet notebook in Switzerland' and branding from 'Stager, Schwald & Partner Rechtsanwälte'
Stack of nuuna notebooks with geometric pattern in blue and white on a two-tone surface with blue and black background
Dynamically arranged black notebooks with geometric patterns and orange accents, surrounded by black blocks on a dark background
Two white notebooks with a world map design and the phrase 'Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless and Don't Be Sorry' printed in gold
Black notebook with white line drawing of hands and the inscription 'WALTER K.' on the cover, with orange-red thread binding on the side
Notebooks with natural brown cardboard covers, graffiti motifs on the cover, including a skull, on a red background
Notebooks in various sizes and designs made of reflective cover material, one with orange lettering and one with pink, both inscribed with 'FUCKING GOOD IDEAS' on the cover
Two standing notebooks with abstract red and blue patterns on a surface with blue and red background
Two notebooks with the imprint 'Creative Camp'
Four different A6 notebooks, one with the Lamborghini logo, one with the Aston Martin logo, one with the Nomos logo, and one embossed with 'Great Minds Discuss Ideas'
Stack of orange-red notebooks with name personalization on the book block edges and the title 'MY HOME MY BLOCK' in white on the cover
Vintage notebook with Levi Strauss & Co. logo featuring a cowboy motif and inscription 'Original Quality Clothing'
Beige notebook with turquoise striped cover and the inscription 'BOOKS MAKE READERS MAKE BOOKS' in white
Three colorfully illustrated notebooks with fantasy motifs, including a flying eagle with a tiger, a dog astronaut surrounded by stars, and an abstract face artwork
Stack of dark green linen notebooks lying on a stool, next to a single standing notebook with elastic band closure and brand logo
Gray and blue felt notebooks with red and gray elastic bands and a wooden pen in a pen loop, arranged in a fan shape
A collection of notebooks with graphic patterns in black, white, and orange, including one open with the inscription 'YES' on the front, surrounded by small round orange stickers
Black and white book with vertically printed words 'SCHAU', 'SPIEL', 'FRANK', and 'FURT'
Notebooks with tropical design in orange and white with the print 'I'D RATHER BE AT THE BEACH', next to containers with paper clips
Person in a black top holding a large, dark blue book with the embossing 'ORIGINAL THINKING' in their hand
Notebook with natural grey paper texture and bright orange graffiti-like inscription 'WRITE HERE WRITE NOW' on the front
Two black notebooks leaning against a blue wall, titled 'BAD BOOK' with negative keywords in large white letters on the cover
Stack of grey notebooks with colorful rubber bands in pink, blue, and purple