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Blind and metallic debossing, offset or silk-screen has very different effects, depending on the surface they are applied to. Based on examples, we will show you the range of variations.

Blind Debossing

Blind debossing is and will continue to be the undisputed favourite among the logo debossings. It is charmingly unobtrusive, of high-quality and pleasant to the touch. Sometimes less is just exactly the right thing. Important is, above all, the production with the best tools; high-quality brass debossing stamps are created for every brandbook debossing.

Blindpraegung thermo 01a brandbook
Blind Debossing on Thermo Volume Imitation Leather
Blindpraegung leinen 05a brandbook
Blindpraegung lefa 02 brandbook
Blindpraegung feinstpapier 01a brandbook
Blindpraegung softtouch 01a brandbook
Blindpraegung feinstpapier 03 brandbook
Blindpraegung glatt 01 brandbook
Blindpraegung feinstpapier 02a brandbook
Blindpraegung thermo 05a brandbook
Blindpraegung vollflaechig 01 brandbook
Blindpraegung transparent 04a brandbook
Blindpraegung glatt 02a brandbook
Blindpraegung glatt 03 brandbook
Blindpraegung glatt 04a brandbook
Blindpraegung metallic 01 brandbook
Blindpraegung lederoptik 01a brandbook
Blindpraegung thermo 02a brandbook
Blindpraegung lederoptik 02a brandbook
Blindpraegung lefa 01 brandbook
Blindpraegung leinen 02a brandbook
Blindpraegung leinen 06a brandbook
Blindpraegung metallic 02a brandbook
Blindpraegung thermo 03a brandbook

Colour Debossing

A colour debossing functions in a similar way to a blind debossing. The only difference: between the debossing stamp and the book there is a thin coloured foil that is transferred to the cover. brandbook works together with the leading manufacturers of debossing foils, that offer over 45 rich colours.

Farbpraegung grafikkarton 01a brandbook
Farbpraegung feinstpapier 01 brandbook
Farbpraegung stoff 01a brandbook
Farbpraegung mehrfarbig 03a brandbook
Farbpraegung metallic 01a brandbook
Farbpraegung grafikkarton 02 brandbook
Farbpraegung mehrfarbig 05a brandbook
Farbpraegung glatt 01a brandbook
Farbpraegung glatt 03 brandbook
Farbpraegung leinen 07a brandbook
Farbpraegung leinen 04 brandbook
Farbpraegung glatt 02a brandbook
Farbpraegung leinen 02a brandbook
Farbpraegung lefa 03 brandbook

Metallic Debossing

Metallic debossing is also called hot foil embossing, as with this variation the heated debossing stamp is pressed on a metallic foil that becomes loose through the heat and is transferred onto the book cover. The motif lies, as with all debossings, deeper and forms a beautiful relief and by the way also has a perfect metallic shine.

Metallicpraegung leinen 03a brandbook
Metallicpraegung thermo 01 brandbook
Metallicpraegung softtouch 02 brandbook
Metallicpraegung lederoptik 02a brandbook
Metallicpraegung leinen 01a brandbook
Metallicpraegung lefa 0014a brandbook
Metallicpraegung softtouch 01 brandbook
Metallicpraegung leinen 04 brandbook
Metallicpraegung leinen 02a brandbook
Metallicpraegung glatt 02 brandbook
Metallicpraegung echtleder 0039a brandbook
Metallicpraegung glatt 01 brandbook
Metallicpraegung feinstpapier 05 brandbook
Metallicpraegung feinstpapier 01a brandbook
Metallicpraegung echtleder 0050 brandbook
Metallicpraegung feinstpapier 02a brandbook

Motif Print

For four-colour cover motifs, it is best to use offset or digital print. Does that sound boring to you? It does to us as well. That is why we will introduce you to a few interesting variations.

Motivdruck offset leinen 03a brandbook
Motivdruck offset cello soft brandbook
Motivdruck offset leinen 01 brandbook
Motivdruck offset feinstpapier 03 brandbook
Motivdruck offset lederoptik 01 brandbook
Motivdruck offset glatt 01 brandbook
Motivdruck offset feinstpapier 01 brandbook


Silkscreen is brilliant: It allows for the richest and brightest colour results on almost every cover material. The entire Pantone spot colour palette, neon or metallic tones – are all possible! This is the reason why brandbook produces its in-house collection, nuuna, with silkscreen.

Siebdruck jlm 02a brandbook
Siebdruck grafikkarton 01a brandbook
Siebdruck glatt sbl 01 brandbook
Siebdruck glatt 01 brandbook
Siebdruck feinstpapier 02 brandbook
Siebdruck feinstpapier 01a brandbook
Siebdruck jlm 03 brandbook
Siebdruck jlm 04a brandbook
Siebdruck lefa 02 brandbook
Siebdruck lefa 03 brandbook
Siebdruck leinen 02a brandbook
Siebdruck leinen 03a brandbook Kopie
Siebdruck metallic 01 brandbook
Siebdruck softtouch 01a brandbook
Siebdruck softtouch 02a brandbook

UV varnish

Usually, uv-coatings are partially applied to smooth materials and in this way achieve a perfect matte brilliant effect. In doing so it doesn’t matter if the coating in the silk-screen or offset printing is applied classically as a so-called drip-off coating.

Uv lack glatt 03a brandbook
Uv lack softtouch 01 brandbook
Uv lack glatt 02 brandbook


A notebook becomes more valuable with every thought, every note and becomes a personal, daily companion. All the better, when your customers, your employees and colleagues receive a book personalised with their individual names. There are different types of finishing techniques for this that also entail different advantages.

Personalisierung lasergravur a brandbook
Personalisierung blindpraegung 02a brandbook
Personalisierung uv lack 01a brandbook

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