Book types

The world of book types is more diverse than just the difference between hardcover and paperback. We went to the trouble of cataloguing and illustrating book types that we have produced in recent years in order to give you the largest possible selection with explanations.

Multicolored notebooks from FEINBRAND in green, white, blue, red, black, orange, and yellow, creatively arranged


The choice of the book format has an immense influence on the design and effect of your book. Carefully chosen proportions and a well-balanced side ratio contribute to a harmonious overall impression. Our tip: It doesn't always have to be a DIN format.

Row of colorful notebooks in various colors such as green, blue, orange, pink, and gray, standing upright against an orange background

Cover materials

It is our demand to find the perfect material for your book production. We have catalogued thousands of cover materials and papers just for this purpose.

Selection of notebooks in various textures and colors such as orange, lavender, gray, and rosé, laid flat with visible inside pages and covers

Printing, Embossing and Finishing

Blind and metallic debossing, offset or silk-screen has very different effects, depending on the surface they are applied to. Based on examples, we will show you the range of variations.

Stack of elegant notebooks with golden inscriptions such as 'quarters' and 'foresight', along with binding ribbons in purple and black

Book block

Cream-coloured premium paper or natural recycling paper? Lined, dotted, or just blank? Here you can find answers to your most frequent questions concerning paper options or optimal printing outcomes for your image pages. Or just contact us and ask us in person!

Hand opening the top pink notebook from a stack of color-sorted books


A notebook usually combines more design features than an ordinary book. From elastic band fastenings, practical pockets for storing notes, various pen holders, as well as our new smart-phone-pen deposit: treat yourself to some extras!

Brandbook individualisierungen accessoires

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