From elastic band fastenings, practical pockets for storing notes, various pen holders, as well as our new smart-phone-pen deposit: treat yourself to some extras!

Book Closures

The rubber band – actually, an elastic textile strap – is a practical book closure so that the opening of the notebook becomes a small ritual. It has to be anchored to the book spine in such a way that even after thousands openings, it does not become loose. Moreover, the rubber band must have a high tension and stretching capacity. In addition to its function, the rubber band is also a design element. Colour, width and also the position can be individually selected. Why not horizontal, running at a slant over the edges or intersecting on the book cover?

Book clips are special – they can be customised to the width of your book and we have the perfect selection of cover material to choose from. For personalising and branding the stainless steel version, we recommend laser engraving. And as a somewhat simpler version, we offer fold-back-clamps: winged clamps in various colours that can be especially practical for booklets.

Gummibaender 1803 standard
Rubber band
Gummibaender 1803 band breit
Wide rubber band
Gummibaender 1803 double band
Double rubber band
Gummibaender 1803 schraeg lange kante
Diagonal rubber band over the longe edge
Gummibaender 1803 schraeg kurze kante
Diagonal rubber band over the short edge
Gummibaender 1803 stift aussen
Rubber bands over two book edges as pen holder
Gummibaender 1803 ueberkreuzt
Rubber bands intersecting
Gummibaender 1803 horizontal
Horizontal rubber band
Gummibaender 1803 diagonal
Diagonal rubber band on the book casing
Gummibaender 1803 lange kante ueber kreuz
Intersecting rubber bands on the book casing
Gummibaender 1803 kurze kante ueber kreuz
Intersecting rubber bands on the book casing
Clips breit
Stainless steel clip
Clips schmal
Slender stainless steel clip
Clips klammer
Bbookbinder clip / fold-backclip


The bookmark serves to locate a current page. There isn’t much you can do wrong here unless the length of the band isn’t long enough or isn’t anchored sufficiently onto the headband, uppermost on the book block. Above all, it’s done correctly when two or three bands are combined according to colour. Perfect for taking your corporate design colours.

Attention, danger of confusion: The headband is that small coloured band that is adhered to the top and bottom edge of the book spine. It closes the gap between the book spine and the book cover and is first and foremost a beautiful detail on a book.

Simple and helpful: A insert. As a slender paper strip, as an enclosed sheet or as a sheet of stickers, loose or fastened on a band, printed with a calendar, it makes diverse variations possible and becomes a practical notebook extra.

Lesezeichen 20 03 lesezeichen einfach
Simple bookmark band
Lesezeichen 20 03 lesezeichen doppelt
Double bookmark band
Lesezeichen 20 03 lesezeichen dreifach
Threefold bookmark band
Lesezeichen 20 03 offen lesezeichen lose
bookmark as calendar
Lesezeichen 20 03 offen lesez kalender
Bookmark band with application
Lesezeichen 20 03 offen stickerkarte
sheet of stickers

Pen on Book

Those who always want their favourite pen within reach definitely select the pen holder for their book as an extra. Available in various colours, they are either fastened on the end leave or on the book spine. We have another idea: the double pen holder as a closing.

A brandbook patent that ensures that you might as well leave your handbag at home. Smart phone, business cards, pen and notebook are tucked under the arm within reach and make trade fairs easier or spontaneous business appointments exceptional. The Anti-Handbags come in three sizes; as A5 books and both book formats from our nuuna collection, Graphic L and S.

Stiftschlaufen eine
Simple pen holder
Stiftschlaufen zwei
Double pen holder
Stiftschlaufen ruecken
Wide pen holder on book spine
Stiftschlaufen anti handbag
nuuna Anti-Handbag

Pocket in Book

The frog pocket is naturally not a must for notebooks but a sensible way to complete it. They are named this way because they lay flat at the back of the notebook and only reveal their actual size when the book is opened. When opening the book, it reminds some people of a frog jumping out. This practical pocket can be used to hold notes, receipts, tickets or photos and because of the folded fabric, also known as linen fold, it has a variable storage capacity. Your frog pocket can be printed individually in order to better match the end leaves. It can open inward but also upwards – both variations are convenient. We don’t like loose notes, that is why we love these practical frog pockets.

For business cards, we indeed have more than one version to offer: classic business card pockets are made out of transparent plastic and are to be found in the front leaves. Just as practical is the pocket out of paper or combined with a frog pocket. brandbook is working meticulously on new possibilities because a notebook and business cards are the best basic kit for a successful meeting.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be so complicated and a simple triangular pocket as a practical extra is enough to complete your notebook. Here you also have a choice between transparent or opaque.

Tasche froschtasche klassisch
Classic frog pocket
Tasche froschtasche oben
Frog pocket that opens at top
Tasche visitenkartentasche transparent
Transparent business card pocket
Tasche visitenkartentasche papier
Business card pocket out of paper
Tasche froschtasche klassisch vk
Frog pocket with business card pocket
Tasche visitenkartentasche dreifach
Multi-layer pocket with two business card pockets
Tasche dreiecktasche transparent
Transparent triangular pocket
Tasche dreieckstasche papier
Triangular pocket out of paper


A banderole, known among bookbinders as a belly band, is not always on the book, but instead serves as a possibility for a pleasant message or to express a thank you – especially as a client gift or a gift at Christmas for staff or as a New Year's greeting. The simple idea of a banderole can be realised in diverse variants: folded like a book jacket or closed with an adhesive point, horizontal or vertical. Various print processes, types of paper or finishing allow the banderole to become a surreptitious highlight of your book.

If you would like from the start to protect the light linen or fine paper of your book cover from dirt and wear, then best would be to put a book jacket on it – altogether a classic as you know it from the book shop. For this there is an exciting version: folded at the top and bottom and strapped inside, a simple book jacket can become a small poster and can be optimally used as a design surface.

Banderolen 20 03 standard horizontal
Horizontal banderole
Banderolen 20 03 sticker
Horizontal banderole closed with sticker
Banderolen 20 03 vertikal
Vertical banderole
Banderolen 20 03 angesteckt
Attached banderole
Banderolen 20 03 schutzumschlag
Book jacket lying flat
Banderolen 20 03 plakat gefaltet
Book jacket of folded paper

Book Packaging

Seen statistically, 80% of brandbooks are given away: notebooks are always the ideal individual gift idea for your clients, for your subscribers, staff or friends. And sometimes it should be very exclusive. We have developed various book packaging and gift packaging for just these cases that we would be happy to offer to you on request: book slipcases, boxes or gift boxes made specifically to order for your individual book.

For books, there are optimal and environmentally safe shipping envelopes and packaging. Here we draw on our long-time tried and tested office material that we would like to briefly introduce. For book shipments with a larger amount of books, packaging with a tear-off flap is recommended and for single books with a cover letter, we offer the book box, for uncomplicated packaging, a strong envelope. All variations can be customised with silkscreen printing.

Verpackung 1 schachtel mit inlay
Verpackung 1 schachtel metall
Verpackung 1 schuber
Verpackung 1 buchbox
Book box
Verpackung 1 standard buchverpackung
Verpackung 2
Verpackung 3

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