1. In General

brandbooks don’t have any standard products. All of our books are custom made according to customer requests. We have very high quality standards and offer our customers the largest possible spectrum of cover materials, finishing options and production techniques.

brandbook products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Because the individual steps of our production process are perfectly attuned to each other, we are able to realise a completely individual book production in three to four weeks, even a large edition.

When you contact us, you will speak only to book production and design experts – we produce notebooks and books exclusively and have acquired the best know-how.

The timeframe for a production depends on the size of the edition and the design of the book. As a rule, we need 4 weeks to produce an individually designed notebook. It goes faster with our modular notebooks that we already have in stock for you. Including logos and different motifs or names, we can deliver these books within approx. 10 business days.

We produce all of our books exclusively in Germany. Smaller editions are handcrafted as much as possible. For larger editions, special machines are put to use for folding, stitching, book covering and bookbinding.

On our website, in the section References, you will find a compilation of our most beautiful book projects to inspire you. By using our Book Configurator or the Material Database you have the possibility to make an initial selection for your own book project. You can also gather further ideas in our showroom in Frankfurt am Main.

There you will find a large selection of cover materials, paper and actual book samples. We would be happy to put together a sample packet that is in accordance with your request and fits your interests and will send it to you.

Yes, of course. Please contact us directly at:

Distribution international:

Marit Erb
[email protected]
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 245

Barbara Jensen
[email protected]
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 170

For more informations please visit Reseller

2. Products

brandbook produces customer-designed notebooks and sketchbooks, memo books and notepads of every kind. Not only can we produce “blank” books, but also books with extensive content, of course, only of the best quality. From art books and photo books to business and image books. You will find inspiration and sample copies in our Section Book Production.

You can also contact us if you have an extraordinary idea but have not yet found the right production partner. We like to try out new things and do our best to find a solution for every book vision, no matter how unusual and extravagant.

We also produce individual book slipcases that are matched to your book, gift and repackaging. If you are looking for beautiful writing utensils, you can also choose from a large selection of pens from our partners, prodir, Lamy and Faber Castell that we can furnish with your company logo.

We can produce books in almost every desired format. For a smaller edition (up to 300 books), we recommend choosing one of our standard formats, to keep the preliminary costs down. brandbook defines these formats as follows: 102 × 137 mm = close to a DIN A6 format, 141 × 207 mm = close to a DIN A5 format, 210 × 297 mm = DIN A4 format. These specifications refer to the size of the book blocks. You can find further information about this at Formats.

There are an endless number of possibilities. The book cover can, for example can be covered with an individually printed, cellophane laminated paper. You can also choose a cover material from our extensive material archive. There are thousands of materials available in many colours with different haptic and diverse surface characteristics. You can find the entire spectrum of material and finishing possibilities in our Section Individualisations.

You can choose from a selection of different Papers and Printing Processes, a variety of Note Grids, including lines, squares, dots or project patterns, calendar templates and much more. Besides the templates made available by us, you can design the interior of your book according to your own ideas. We will be happy to help you.

To name only a few: bookmarks, elastic strips, frog pockets, a stainless steel clip and a pen holder. You can find an overview of all the accessories in our section, Accessories.

These modular notebooks are notebook series that we have already pre-produced. These notebooks can be labelled with your company logo, different motifs or individual names by using, for example silkscreen, digital print or a blind, colour or metal embossing. Your advantage: the books are in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice. This is ideal for smaller editions of 25–500 notebooks.

Yes, since 2012, we have produced notebooks under the label nuuna that are, in the meantime, available worldwide in museum shops, concept stores and stationery and book stores. In addition to our own collection, we also produce stationery products for well-known companies, who sell them under their own label in the retail sector.

3. Inquiries & Orders

For fast and uncomplicated inquiries: with our book configurator, by telephone, per e-mail, per chat or also direct on-site at one of our locations. We recommend using our Book Configurator. Here you can put together your own individual notebook step by step. That means defining the desired format, choosing from a large selection of cover materials, branding and finishing options and combining it with matching accessories, such as an elastic strip or pen holder. Subsequently, you only have to send us your inquiry and we will put together an individual, non-binding offer within one business day. If you want to talk to us right from the start, our team is happy to help you.

Just give us a call, send an email or fax or visit one of our locations. For an individual notebook production, we first prepare a non-binding offer for you. Together with your brandbook contact person, you can discuss all the necessary details. After confirming the order and the transfer of relevant print data, the production can begin. You can order our nuuna collection direct online over our website.

There are endless possibilities – every book is different. That is why the prices vary for an individual notebook production depending on the number of copies and the features. We feel it is important to answer your inquiry personally and not leave that up to excel. In order to find the best possible solution for you, we prepare each individual offer personally. This will be sent to you at the latest within 24 hours.

For an individual production it is possible to place an order beginning with an edition of 100 books. The modular notebooks are available starting with an edition of 25 books and nuuna notebooks starting at one book.

No, we have already produced notebooks in large editions of up to 100,000 books, for example for promotional purposes.

Due to the many orders right before Christmas, there is often congestion in the production. In order to be on the safe side and make sure you receive your books on time, we recommend that you turn in your order no later than the beginning of November.

At modular notebooks you will find books that have already been pre-produced in many different variations. These books can be branded with your logo through different processes, such as debossings or with silkscreen. The delivery time is usually five to eight business days.

No, that is not necessary. Not only do we archive the corresponding data for every single order, but also a sample copy.

4. Print data & Production

We need printable pdf files from you for the printing of the cover, the front and end leaves as well as for your own note pattern or advertising pages. The same is true for the application of a logo or motif in a silkscreen or offset print. To make sure that your print data is in the correct format, we will send you the appropriate format templates as soon as possible. For the debossing and engraving of your company logo or a motif, we need a vectorised .eps or .ai file.

You can send data volumes of up to approx. 15 MB direct per email to your brandbook contact person. For larger data volumes, we recommend that you use our Upload Function. Otherwise, you can put the data on a server of your choice and send us the corresponding download link per e-mail.

Of course! All the data that you transfer will be checked for certain criteria by our graphic team. Before printing, different aspects will be checked, such as: do the page formats fit, is all the lettering embedded, are colours properly set up, do the documents have bleed marks and bleeds and have the adhesive edges been taken into consideration for advertising pages. For debossing, we pay careful attention for example, that the graphics are vectorised, the placement is correctly specified and the debossing is not covered up by the elastic strip. Should we discover that your data is not optimal or contains mistakes, we will let you know what has to be corrected. If needed, we will be happy to support you with this.

Together with the confirmation of your order, you will receive a final visualisation of the book for your approval. The book production will only start when everything meets the specifications of your concept.

If you need help, please contact us. Our graphic team will be happy to support you with the layout and visualisations of your book and the preparation of the print template.

As soon as you have received the confirmation of your order and you have approved it, we begin the production. We will gladly try and realise your requests for modifications or changes. But depending on the stage of production, this can involve additional costs or a possible later delivery date.

5. Delivery & Shipment

brandbook ships to customers worldwide.

The cost of shipping depends on the weight, amount and the country of delivery. We can calculate the cost of shipping upon request when preparing your offer.

Your books will be packed in easy-to manage boxes. We send smaller amounts with UPS. If the shipment is larger, then the boxes are placed on palettes and sent with our shipping partner. And if it is really urgent, we can also send your order by courier.

Upon request, we can package up smaller orders for you to pick up at our business premises. But please remember that books are often heavier than one thinks, so we do certainly recommend a direct delivery.

Not only can we deliver books to you directly, but also to various national or international company locations and customer or event locations. For this, we will find the most favourable price and the safest shipping method and will take care of the preparation of the freight and customs documents. If you are planning an individual shipment or a mailing, then we can pack your books as a simple package or gift-wrap them and furnish an accompanying note or greeting card. We will then address the books and send them to a database that you provide.

Yes, this must be taken into consideration, depending on the country. We would like to call your attention to the fact that all local fees, custom duties and taxes that are incurred by the delivery of the order, will be charged to and borne by the recipient. Please contact your brandbook supervisor to clarify individual cases.

6. Payment

The invoice will be sent after the product has been delivered. You will receive the document per email in a pdf format from [email protected]. This electronic invoice is recognised by all tax authorities. The net amount must be paid within 20 days or within 10 days with a 2% discount to the specified account noted on the invoice. For customers located abroad, we offer the possibility to pay per PayPal. When doing so, we allow ourselves to charge you a portion of the PayPal fees in the amount of 3% in addition to the sum of the invoice. Payment with a credit card is not possible.

For initial orders and in the case of a larger edition, we reserve the right to request an advanced payment. The amount will be a percentage that is calculated based on the order.

There will be no value added tax charged for customers located outside of the EU. On the other hand, for customers located within the EU it is absolutely necessary that you inform us of your VAT ID number. Only when this is specified on your invoice, can an invoice be issued without value added tax. Furthermore, for international customers in Europe a so-called confirmation of receipt is required. This refers to a form with which the customer confirms the receipt of the merchandise and then sends back to us. You will receive this form together with the shipping documents.

You already receive a quantity discount in so far as the price becomes significantly cheaper if you order a higher quantity of books. In addition, brandbook also has special offers.

7. Complaints

Quality and satisfaction is our highest priority. In case you are not happy with your product (damage during shipment, wrong material, colour looks different, defect in interior, etc.) please contact your brandbook support contact immediately. We will process your complaint and in the case of a justified claim, we will make a rectification or make sure you get a replacement immediately.

8. Data protection

Your data is protected in accordance with our Data Protection Guidelines and will be treated with absolute confidentiality and used exclusively for the realisation of your contract and the processing of your inquiries.

9. Technical Requirements

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We will be happy to advise you personally!

Call us at +49 (0) 69 40 80 90 245
or write an e-mail to [email protected]