The choice of the book format has an immense influence on the design and effect of your book. Carefully chosen proportions and a well-balanced side ratio contribute to a harmonious overall impression. Our tip: It doesn't always have to be a DIN format.

Brandbook formate overview

We can produce books in almost any desired format.

Brandbook formate a5

brandbook A5
141 × 207 mm

Our own optimized brandbook format for the perfect notebook. The balanced proportions vary only slightly from the classic DIN A5 format. But it's these detail's that matter!

Brandbook formate medium

190 × 250 mm
The Middle

An ideal book format for those who find it hard to choose between A5 and A4: practical to handle with plenty of space for your content. The perfect middle ground.

Brandbook formate graphic l

165 × 220 mm
Graphic L

A format that we highly recommend to our customers. Initially used by brandbook for our own nuuna collection, it has now firmly established itself in book production.

Brandbook formate din a4

210 × 297 mm

The absolute classic. The larger DIN A4 format is less intended for on-the-go use but provides maximum space. Ideal for working at the desk.

Brandbook formate pocket a6

102 × 137 mm
Pocket A6

The shirt pocket format. Flexible, uncomplicated, and always at hand for quick notes. Highly popular for giveaways at trade shows and events, as it can immediately be put to use.

Brandbook formate wunschformat

Your desired format

brandbook stands for maximum possibilities of individualisation. That's why you can also freely determine the format of your book – be it landscape or portrait.

Individualisierungen formate stapel buecher placeholder

Would you like to explore more customization options?

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