Book block

The book block in book production offers a similar range of design possibilities as the book's exterior. Combining paper types, designing front and back endleaves, selecting creative notebook grids, or complementing the book block with perforations and hole-punching – all of this, in addition to the cover design, is part of the conception of a book project.


Naturally, paper is an essential part of producing books – when it comes to image books, print colour, design, weight and smell are essential as well. Here, or, even better, in a personal conversation, you can find out which paper is suitable for your project, which print method can be used and what you have to consider for it.

Premium Munken papers are one of our favourite papers. Produced in Swedish paper mills, they are used for approximately 70% of our book productions – we are very pleased about this! The uncoated, sleek surface gives a very pleasant feel, so it is one of our recommendations. Of course it is FSC certified. The colour “Polar” stands for a pleasant white tone with a natural character. The colour “Pure” stands for a subtle cream colour tone, which is produced without any optical brighteners. For many people, the chamois of the paper is the distinguishing notebook feature per se.

For the Sake of the Environment. Our favourite recycling paper clears up with the prejudice that recycling papers are unpleasantly grey or quickly turn yellow: Enviro Polar has a DIN ISO degree of whiteness of 98% and is absolutely ageing resistant. It has been awarded with the FSC certificate, the Blue Angel and the EU-Flower. It combines sustainability with best writing qualities, good printability and tensile strength. 100% waste paper for 100% environment.

brandbook offers good paper at reasonable prices. Offset paper is efficient and cost-optimised. When it comes to promotional gifts, advertising materials or giveaways at fairs the price often matters. For these projects we offer a bright white, wood free offset paper made in Germany– with a natural matte surface, good writing and printing qualities. An all-rounder.

If you’re planning individually printed image pages, besides note pages for your book, you don’t necessarily have to choose the same type of paper. For full-surface motifs we recommend image print papers with a matte and silky-matte surface. The paper choice determines the quality of the print.

Note paper doesn’t necessarily have to be white: A yellow that reminds us of the classical post-it, a tender light blue matching a Corporate Design or black paper that’s writable with a white marker. There are plenty of ideas for great effects that can be achieved by the right paper choice.

Front- and Endleave Paper

The front- and end leave is an essential part of the book: it connects the book cover with the book block and thus forms the first and last double page in the book. For an individual first impression, the first pages can be individually printed with address lines, a logo, image motifs or a calendar overview, or they can remain completely unprinted. For front- and end leave papers we like to recommend colour-imbued fine papers, as well.

Vorsatz nachsatz brandbook

Notebook Grids

Whether as creative tools, lab books, project books, idea books, for architects, designers, or managers – with us, you'll find almost every conceivable type of layout/grid for your notebook block. Of course, we can also print your custom grid in your company's color and with your company logo.

Notizraster basic punktraster standard
Notizraster basic punktraster nuuna
Notizraster basic punktraster mini
Notizraster basic punktraster edition pagina
Dotted grid

Bestseller Similar to the structure graph paper offers, the anatomy of a page with dots offers orientation. Our's are super fine, yet visible to the naked eye. The benefit to graph paper is that these dots are so subtle, that they do not dominate over your handwriting when scanning or photocopying.

Notizraster basic karo geschlossen
Notizraster basic karo offen
Notizraster basic karo randlos
Notizraster basic karo fein
Squared Grid

The advantages of the classic square grid are clear: it's versatile! It can be used for writing, calculations, creating charts, or drawing sketches. Line height and column width can be varied as desired. The result is always well-structured and clear.

Notizraster basic linie
Notizraster basic linie fein
Notizraster basic linie randlos
Lined grid

Lined paper makes it easier to maintain straight lines and enables particularly elegant writing. To efficiently use the paper, brandbook employs a line spacing of 7 mm. Line thickness, spacing, and colour can be individually adjusted according to customer preferences.

Notizraster basic projektblatt
Project sheet

An optimal overview of a project is provided by a sheet that can be tailored to the specific needs of the individuals managing it. To-do lists, timelines, and project workflows can be taken into account in the layout of your project sheet.

Notizraster basic individuell a
Notizraster basic individuell b
Notizraster basic individuell c
Grid with Logo

An individual notebook block is ideal for a subtle logo branding. Combine a dot grid, squares or lines with your logo: we set your design in any color and form you wish for. Upon request, we will also be pleased to support you in creating the layout.

Notizraster special millimeter
Notizraster special iso punkte
Notizraster special iso linien
Notizraster special storyboard
Notizraster special notenlinien
Special Grids

Milimeter graph paper, rectangle grid, isometric dotted or lined grid, story board, music note sheet.

The choice of paper, the grammage and the circumference are decisive for the character of the book block

Integrated Image Pages

You have the possibility to integrate your own image pages in almost all positions of the book block. The most common versions are these: in front of, in the middle or directly after the notebook block. But a distribution throughout the book block doesn’t exclude thread stitch. Here, we will individually advise you according to your wishes.

Imageseiten futureworks 1 brandbook 2085
Imageseiten robertjohnson 2 brandbook 583
Imageseiten vice 1 brandbook 1994
Imageseiten telekom strategy 2 brandbook 2015
Imageseiten circ 3 brandbook 1876
Imageseiten eurac 4 brandbook 625
Imageseiten eiga 3 brandbook 1958
Imageseiten festspillene 2 brandbook
Imageseiten palazzoluna 1 brandbook 1975
Imageseiten porsche 3 brandbook 632
Imageseiten zhdk 3 brandbook 1942
Imageseiten rosenthal 5 brandbook 516
Imageseiten daimler laureus 4 brandbook 2030

Customized Book Calendars

Next to notebooks, brandbook also produces customized calendars which give you a totally diversified way to coordinate appointments. Yearly overviews, daily, monthly, or weekly calendars don't have to look like the same old standard promotional calendars. If you're seeking inspiration for a custom planner, brandbook provides personal guidance and, if desired, support from our graphic team for the design.

Kalender vice 2 brandbook 1995
Kalender symrise 07 brandbook
Kalender takelwerk 2 brandbook 2182
Kalender dfb 3 brandbook 2111
Kalender hotelgruen 1 brandbook 02
Kalender teampera 1 brandbook 2089
Kalender kempinski agenda 1 brandbook 2127
Kalender red bull 01 brandbook
Kalender rosenthal bronze 1 brandbook 543
Kalender sportfive 1 brandbook 2058
Kalender kfc 04 brandbook
Kalender kempinski agenda 3 brandbook 2128
Kalender edsheeran 4 brandbook

Bullet Journal and Planer

To-do lists, sketches, or brief diary entries – everything fits into a bullet journal. Entries can be organized into self-selected categories to gain an overview or to record personal developments. Journaling helps with conscious and individual self-organization.

Planer wsj 02 brandbook
Planer klarheit 2 brandbook 657
Planer porsche panamera 05 brandbook
Planer motivationmonday 01 brandbook
Planer zebra 2 brandbook 2000

New possibilities in book design

Book edges

Not only the cover, but also the edges of the book block can be used for the book design. Those who incorporate not only the front, back, and spine but also the book block edges into the layout can create a true 360-degree book experience.

The classic edge colouring provides the richest colour results and can be achieved in virtually any Pantone colour. When this rich colour extends into the front and back endleaves, it produces an optimal result.

The metallic edge colouring also offers a wide range of colours. Classic metallic tones such as gold, silver, bronze, and copper are available in various matte, glossy, and colour shades – a total of 42 metallic foil colours are available, perfectly complementing your book design. Or how about a holographic book edge?

You can achieve exceptionally unique design effects with the motif edge. Cover motifs can seamlessly continue across the edges. The motif edge is also suitable for intricate multicoloured motifs and even photos.

Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch farbschnitt schwarz
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch motivschnitt muster umlaufend
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch metallicschnitt hologramm effekt
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch motivschnitt muster scribble
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch motivschnitt schwarze streifen
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch motivschnitt muster
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch metallicschnitt farbig blau
Buchschnitt farbschnitt bedruckte kanten notizbuch farbschnitt block schwarz

Additional features of the book block

Individualisierungen buchblock fadenheftung

Thread Binding

The highest quality and most sustainable method of binding is thread stitching. At brandbook, this quality feature is standard. The individual sections of the book block are sewn together with a thread, making page loss impossible. In contrast, many notebooks from other manufacturers are only glued, which can result in pages easily detaching during use.

Individualisierungen buchblock aufschlagverhalten

Lay-Flat Characteristics of Books

Thread stitch enables a perfect flatness performance – this means that the opened book lies absolutely flat on the table. This is ideal for occasionally drawing across the book middle. Especially for notebooks, this is an absolute must and yet another quality feature of brandbook.

Individualisierungen buchblock farbige fadenheftung

Coloured Thread Stitch

It is the details that our clients love so much about brandbook notebooks. For example, you can even individually choose the thread colour of the binding. In a thread-stitched book block, a seam flares up every 16 pages on the inside of the book. Normally, the thread colour is white, matching the inside pages. Alternatively those who like it flashy can choose a bright colour matching their corporate design.

Individualisierungen buchblock papiersorten kombinieren

Combining Paper Qualities

Why stick to one paper quality for your notebook if you can also combine different papers? For example in order to highlight different chapters of your book or the simple reason that it looks fabulous. By combining different coloured papers within the book block an exciting edge colouring effect arises, even when the book is closed.

Perforation lochung zweifach buchblock

Perforation and Punch

With a few extras the usefulness of your notebook can be increased and optimised: with a folding perforation, pages can be removed at the desired positions. Combined with a double or fourfold punch, the pages can be filed after being removed.

Registerbuch 2

Grip and register punches

Registers provide structure and clarity for books with content. According to your book concept a punching tool is made so your content can be structured individually. Register punching guarantees structure and clarity for books with content.

Papier ausklappbare seite

Foldout Pages

In order to optimally structure content in the book, entire parts of the book block or even individual pages can be trimmed. In this way, chapters can be visually separated from each other or sections of the book can be highlighted. A change of paper at these points can also be interesting from a design point of view.

Papier verkuerzte seite

Shortened Pages

In order to optimally structure content in the book, entire parts of the book block or even individual pages can be trimmed. In this way, chapters can be visually separated from each other or sections of the book can be highlighted. A change of paper at these points can also be interesting from a design point of view.

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