Looks like Metal

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Metallic surfaces are rarely seen on book covers. But why is that so? Smartphones,notebooks' digital relatives, shines so beautifully, too.

Looks metallic brandbook notebook notizbuch
We shouldn't leave the great high-tech look to the nerdy competitors. That's why we went out and looked for alternatives. But one thing is for sure: real metal or composite materials like Dibond can't be applied to book covers since they would ruin both your desk and the environment, leaving us materials that only look as if they were made of metal. If we apply metallic color to papers and fabrics though that does the trick.

Our has been putting together a more and more diverse portfolio of different surfaces that look like metal and that can be applied to book covers. So if you're currently looking for a book, a notebook or a calendar that can compete with Apple products, just contact us!

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