Take A Look Into Our Lab

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We at brandbooknot only produce high-quality notebooks, we also like to experiment. Have a look:

Duesentriebabteilung brandbook ideen
▸ Books that shine at night

▸ a cover that varies its color with your viewing angle

▸ a text that slowly fades away under the influence of light

▸ a notebook that looks exactly like an oak beam

▸ a notebook that looks like a gold bar

▸ a book title that only appears when you lay your warm hands on the book

▸ a book that almost looks like a laptop

▸ a cover motif that you can only recognize from a distance of four meters

▸ an image book that comes with an integrated mini display showing your image movie

▸ a futuristic book that looks as if it had been dipped in a chrome bath

▸ a notebook that looks like a phone holder

▸ books with integrated hiding spots for your usb stick or your power bank

▸ a massive coffee table book that's as light as a feather

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