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Our friends Ellen Wagner and Axel Rössler run an artistic screen printing workshop in Maintal and teach at the Offenbach University of Art and Design.

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They founded their studio "Print now - Riot later" in 2014 in Tucson/Arizona (USA), where they lived for five years. Their preference is fabric pattern printing and they are specialists in repeat printing. As illustrators, they often print their own designs, which they sell via their webshop, in the Frankfurt record store Hoppigaloppi and at trade fairs. On a large printing table, they carefully draw the ink over the screen onto the fabric by hand using a squeegee, without any machine assistance. They also regularly collaborate with other artists and explore the technical and creative possibilities of this traditional printing process with their students at the HFG Offenbach.

The podcast OHNE DEN HYPE, in which Axel talks to podcast host Sven Saro and Christine Moosmann (editor-in-chief of Grafikmagazin) about the studio and its beginnings, is well worth listening to.

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