Mirjam Pressler – Writing her Fate

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At the Jewish Museum Frankfurt, we visited an exciting temporary exhibition about the successful children's and young adult author and translator Mirjam Pressler (1940–2019).

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After dropping out of her art studies in Frankfurt, she became a recognized author of books for young people and a writer. Among other things, she translated the "Diary of Anne Frank" from Dutch and works by Amos Oz from Hebrew.

In addition to handwritten letters, sketchbooks, paintings and her books, the exhibition will be showing film interviews with her three daughters and photographs from her life in two rooms until September 1, 2024. Her main themes were: Motherhood, Israel and Judaism.

The Frankfurt duo Sounds of Silence, Petra Eichler and Susanne Kessler, were responsible for the harmonious exhibition design. Because we are big fans of their art, we had Sounds of Silence create a sculpture from cardboard cubes for our office.

Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt
Mirjam Pressier – Writing her Fate
19.04.2024 – 01.09.2024

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