Fear of the white sheet


Notebooks transform thoughtful people to writers

Weisses blatt notizbuecher schreiben brandbook
This is not about pragmatic people taking notes called post-it fetishists – which note, mention and bookmark anyway. This is about creative people such as authors or story collectors. Notebooks save this people from a disease which haunts every writer: a writer´s block, fear of the white sheet – the primal fear of every writer. The immaculate, virginal paper in front of you means: If not now, when? So everything is possible. One incorrect start and the pieve of paper is ruined. Every crossed out word, every ineffective argumentation is a testimony of your own inability.

The Computer promised a relief, because it undoes every mistake. Pretty naive. Because paper was still patient whereas computers never miss a moment to point out the rapid fading (life-) time (for masochists: At a PC you find the clock down below, at Mac at the top right corner). Thereby the initially friendly and inviting cursor blinking on white background becomes a quiet ticking – running-out-of-time. Also the help function in shape of a hyperactive paper clip is an extensive mockery which really wants to help to create a letter – also and specifically if you do not write one.

However the notebook is blissfully calm – and small. The dimensions are just right: You can keep up with a white piece of paper without feeling like you got the order to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. A notebook only misses a few lines until you have browse again. The white sheet becomes a familiar sight – also the fear vanishes with the adaption. Anyway: even the name “notebook” frees from a pressure of perfection. Because the developing results are per definitionem only notes which are provisional and unfinished. And if something better comes along than you initially thought: very well. In contrast to chapter1.doc a notebook is surrounded by a private and secret aura – which is generally known as the temptation to read.

Discreetly leave it in a Café with some business card and the big breakthrough is going to be within reach.

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