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A smart shelv system

Konnex 02
Some people collect model cars, LPs or crown caps – others collect books. There is no need for everything to be digital. But the bigger the collection, the faster the development of a serious space problem. We are very familiar with this subject. We also own a big collection of notebooks, which we would like to put into the limelight for our customers.

​Konnex is a shelf system consisting of different sized square-modules, which can be stacked together really fast. Always new, expandable at any time. And during a move, it can be really small. The boxes fit together according to their size.

We already tried and liked it!

Sure thing that this smart shelf was discovered by furniture experts. Just now the shelf system received the “Interior Innovation Award 2011” at the international furniture fair in Cologne. We congratulate!
Konnex 01

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