Astonishing insights into designer sketchbooks


Diaries are a very intimate issue. Secret keeper, entrusted person, contemporary witness at the same time.

Verblueffende einblicke graphicbook
It is unsurprising that especially diaries and sketchbooks of famous characters are in the focus of public interest.

Surprisingly new insights

Persons such as Pablo Picasso. The eccentric painter secretly filled over 175(!) sketchbooks in his entire lifetime. Not until after his death the sketchbooks were offered to the public, which received surprisingly new insights into Picassos separate creative periods. Luckily there are modern artists and designers, who provide insights into their most sacred possession before they pass away.

The expert duo – Steven Heller and Lita Talarico – were able to convince over 100 well-known designers worldwide (such as US-cartoonist and comic-author Art Spiegelman, the Italian illustrator Sara Fanelli) to open their visual diaries for them. The result was Graphic. Inside the Sketchbooks of the world‘s Great Graphic Designers.

Inside the Sketchbook of the world´s Great Graphic Designers”.

A collection of fantastic sketches, ideas and collages. Exciting, inspired, recommendable. After all we always wanted to become more familiar with the artistic success, right?

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