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Ready for the cooking Oscar. The DIY recipe book

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Lafer! Lichter! Lecker! Lanz is cooking, hobby chefs against professionals in the arena – since cooking shows on TV are booming, printers at home are under a lot of strain. But where does the loose sheet collection go? Simply perforate and file away?

An individual cooking book can be way more fun. You can fill it with your own favourite recipes and design it according to your wishes. Whether you put in suggestions from backing and roasting shows, the handed-down secret mixture of grandmother Erni´s Rhubard-Madeira-Cake, advices from the neighbours or souvenir-recipes from your last holiday, everything has its place.

Decorated with vine-labels and spiced with photos and sayings of the last cooking party, the plain recipe-book becomes your very own creation to feast, remind and exchange. Whoever likes to combine cooking and drawing can create own sketches with ingredients and preparation details onto empty sheets of paper. Soon it is going to be “cooking by pictures” instead of “drawing by numbers”.

The internet-cooking-book They Draw & Cook provides a wonderful source of inspiration (not only for rookies or men at the oven). Illustrators from around the world upload their masterpieces – try them!

Enjoy your meal!
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