The AOK book for more empathy

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This notebook is dedicated to a central interpersonal theme: empathy.

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We need empathy to be able to communicate successfully and to lead functioning relationships in everyday life. This is about understanding the other person, the ability to empathize and to take on new perspectives. Some empathy comes naturally, but how can we consciously be more empathetic?

This book gives us some useful tips and information on the topic on various image pages: Appreciation, for example, is good for both the sender and the recipient, so if you want to economise, then please don't cut back on appreciation. An encouraging smile or a sincere thank you can work wonders. Communication at eye level is central, neither condescending nor submissive is the motto.
In addition: Listening needs attention, we have to be able to focus on one thing in order to actively follow our counterpart. Doodling and scribbling really helps here, just concentrate on pen and paper and push negative thoughts aside.

To focus your attention, meditation can also be useful. Simply inhale and exhale. Successful communication also involves reading non-verbal gestures and signs. It is also important to differentiate between your own feelings and those of your counterpart. After all, it is not so easy to distinguish yourself from the other person once you have put yourself in the other person's shoes.
In general, we are much more connected to the other person than we think. So-called mirror neurons are responsible for this, through which we automatically simulate the behavior of the other person. This is why the laughter of others is so infectious. In any case, we are happy about this beautiful book with a lot of empathy and space to record our own thoughts and ideas.

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