Instagram goes analoge

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We produced an analog notebook for a social media app – a contradiction in itself? Not at all!

Instagram cover 02

The fact that Instagram, one of the social media platforms par excellence, opted for a notebook once again proves that analog and digital are by no means mutually exclusive. In fact, smartphone and notebook complement each other perfectly. Of course, selfies and stories cannot be posted on the World Wide Web with a notebook, but a notebook also contains a lot of the personality of its user. After all, it's where we keep our most valuable thoughts and most important notes.

The beauty: A notebook is a room all to ourselves. It can also contain things that are deliberately kept private and do not want to be shared with anyone. Not everything is suitable for public presentation. You can entrust everything to your notebook, it won't judge!

We produced the classic black notebook together with the agency Not-Another-Bill from London. The concise Instagram color gradient that adorns the book's cut is a real eye-catcher not only on the smartphone screen, but also in print!

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