Okonomiyaki - Book with mayo

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A nice idea, which we discoverd at the Museum of Applied Arts in Frankfurt.

Okonomyaki 02
Okonomiyaki is the name of a popular dish in Japan (similar to our pancakes), which is poured over with different sauces or covered with ingredients (mayo, seaweed, beef etc.).

The artist Veronika Schäpers asked friends to demonstrate with a mixture of glue and ink, how they would cover their Okonomiyaki. The results were included into the eponymous book, together with text fragments of the Japanese author Yoko Tawada. In the book she describes the stereotype perception of the Japan´s kitchen, for example the idea that Japanese people would always eat Sushi whereby Okonomiyaki is a far more popular dish.

Material: Bicchu-Ganpi-paper processed as Leporello.

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