A vast selection confuses customers

Probably the first mono-thematic book store in the world was discovered in Berlin´s Torstraße.

Sach und fachbuchhandlung hozon
Within the “Sach- und Fach Buchhandlung” there is only one book – but in a thousandfold edition. Naturally the self-made entrepreneur Rafael Horzon is behind this.

A vast selection confuses customers

Already he proved with his shelf specialist shop Moebel Horzon that a single shelf model (the universal shelf “modern”) is completely enough to successfully run a business. Horzons philosophy: “A vast selection confuses the customers! You get into a shop and the selection will strike you dead. Because of this most customers turn around and go back home.”

For ambitious young entrepreneurs the recently published paperback Das weiße Buch  by Rafael Horzon is a required reading. Beside the mentioned business models like the shelf store or mono-thematic book shop you find additional information about innovative business models such as partner separation agency, a private scientific academy and a specialist for apple pie trading.
Sach und fach buchhandlung rafael horzon kopie1

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