Street artist sketchbooks for Montana Cans


We produced blackbooks in A4 horizontal formal for Montana Cans, the preferred supplier of the graffiti and street art scene.

Artist sketchbook skizzenbuch montana brandbook graffiti cans 002 teaser
The blackbooks are sketchbooks, in which graffiti artists (also called writers) draw their designs or collect illustrations and ideas. Therefore the sketchbooks are also suitable for professional users in the areas of product design, graphic design, illustration and fashion design. Also ideal for layout horizontal motives. brandbook´s blackbooks have 200 pages of marker-fit papers, to avoid colour leakage.

Sketchbooks for professional users

Another special feature of this blackbook is the colour cut, which we applied with the new colour-collection. Also the front leave quotes the new colour collection with a sprayed gradient.


By the way the founders of Montana are rather unusual spray-can producer, because they originated from the street-art scene and therefore do not dispose over street credibility and a secure feeling for future trends. They also remained the enthusiasm and the Gründerzeit spirit. The respect of the international art and street-art scene was acquired by a wide and innovative colour spectrum as well as a high quality of colours.

Even the expensive designed cans leave no doubt: This is not an usual spray can – it is professional equipment. Meanwhile Montana Cans get distributed all around the world from L.A. to Tokyo. We were very impressed with the innovative spirit and engagement of the absolutely likeable team, which minded every detail from the imprint of the cans to supplies such as sketchbooks.
Artist sketchbook skizzenbuch montana brandbook graffiti cans 002
Artist sketchbook skizzenbuch montana brandbook graffiti cans 001

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