Magic paper cube

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What is half a metre high? Weighs 45 kilogram? And is composed of wood and paper?

Magischer papierwuerfel munkencube 02
Right – the Munken Cube. For some people just a very heavy notepad-block. But Obelix would have been very happy with it. For others the cube is more than a mere working tool: design object, furniture, also useable as stool or side table, inspiring sculpture! Since the one-sided glued paper-block is very easy to move or rotate.

According to different moods the cube easily transforms into a wave, dune, helix ... a genius thing which emerged from cooperation between furniture design brand e15 and the paper producer Arctic Paper. In any case the XXL notepad-cube consists 2200 sheets of finest 120 g/m² Munken Paper. 

We also use our favourite paper to produce high-quality brandbooks. Learn more about the Munken Cube on this page e15.
Munken cube magischer wuerfel

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