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Savile Row: The notebook for a suit

Gentlemans favourite saville row brandbook teaser
Savile Row is the well known street of exclusive men´s outfitters in London´s Mayfair quarter. They produce suits according to the bespoke-type. We use the same principle while producing books, booklets etc. for our customers.

Nevertheless Savile Row is also a fine paper with a 20% share of cotton wool and a surface, which evoke the image of classic suit fabrics. Therefore Savile Row exists in three designs: Plain, Pinstripe and Tweed. Savile Row comes in the colours of white, camel, dark-grey and blue with grammatures of 100-300g/m². It has a tight grip; the surface is slightly rough with the haptics of natural paper.

Savile Row is perfect for...cover material for booklets and books. For cover material for business reports and high-quality publications. For precious invitation cards. For exceptional portfolios or slipcases. The images below show that booklets are sewed just like a nice suit and carry a hot-foil embossing on the chest. Today´s gentlemen carry these booklets in combination with a classical cut suit with the nonchalance of Cary Grant.*Best dressed man of all times according to the survey of a big men´s magazine.
Gentlemans favourite saville row detail

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