Are notebooks still contemporary?


It is already a phenomenon that of all people programmers, web designers and high-tech developers are the biggest fans of classic notebooks.

Notizbuch zeitgemaess brandbook nuuna
You would think these people are the first to ban anything analogue from their surroundings. So what can a notebook do, what other electronically devices are missing? The crucial advantage is the chronicle order of all notes, which is the only one. We follow a time-linear structure and also searching with this. Notebook-professionals write down everything in their notebook in a chronological order. They renounce slips of paper and post-its and they note everything in order even an every-day-note such as “buy milk”.

Actually this archiving system is superior to trails of paperwork and the interlaced storage system on hard drives because it corresponds with our natural thinking. Long-time notebook users long into their notebook-shelf with great confidence in order to take out records from the meeting at the 5th of July 2008. It seems unbelievable but it works. Less can definitely be more.

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