Loden cloth or felt - hard cover or flex cover


We are happy to consult you the suitability of materials for your notebook edition.

Loden oder filz teaser brandbook notizbuch
Compared to loden or mill cloth, felt does not contain any previous weaved material but merely compressed wool fleece. Felt is suitable as cover material for soft cover books with a material strength of at least 2mm. In contrast loden cloth qualifies as cover fabric for classic hardcover books with cardboard inlays. Because of that very light loden cloths (up to 500g/Lfm) are perfect for cover materials.

Loden cloth is basically easy to process and far more dimensionally stable and resistant than felt cloth. Furthermore loden cloth is cheaper than felt cloth because you have to use less material during the process (lower material strength). Both materials are available in almost every colour. Felt cloth gets produces from pure wool which is combed and milled yet not weaved. By compressing with water the material occurs very dense but not particularly stable. Loden cloth consists of spun wool which is weaved and milled. Due to the weaving process the material reaches a high resistance as well as stability.

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