FAQ: Payment

The invoice will be sent after the product has been delivered. You will receive the document per email in a pdf format from [email protected]. This electronic invoice is recognised by all tax authorities. The net amount must be paid within 20 days or within 10 days with a 2% discount to the specified account noted on the invoice. For customers located abroad, we offer the possibility to pay per PayPal. When doing so, we allow ourselves to charge you a portion of the PayPal fees in the amount of 3% in addition to the sum of the invoice. Payment with a credit card is not possible.

For initial orders and in the case of a larger edition, we reserve the right to request an advanced payment. The amount will be a percentage that is calculated based on the order.

There will be no value added tax charged for customers located outside of the EU. On the other hand, for customers located within the EU it is absolutely necessary that you inform us of your VAT ID number. Only when this is specified on your invoice, can an invoice be issued without value added tax. Furthermore, for international customers in Europe a so-called confirmation of receipt is required. This refers to a form with which the customer confirms the receipt of the merchandise and then sends back to us. You will receive this form together with the shipping documents.

You already receive a quantity discount in so far as the price becomes significantly cheaper if you order a higher quantity of books. In addition, brandbook also has special offers.