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Last week we visited our customer Monocle at his new domicile Midori House in London. Nothing unexpected that the new headquarter is designed in the style of Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé. White walls and a lot of warm wooden colours combined with a nice view on one of London´s green parks. Also the international magazine used toilets from Japan, furniture from Scandinavia and architects from Switzerland.

The occasion of our visit was not only the housewarming-party but rather the introduction of Monocle´s new stationery products, which are available worldwide at the Monocle Store with immediate effect. Responsible for the design of the new Monocle notebooks is the designer Yoshi Takagi. Brandbook produced the notebooks for Monocle and included fine papers from Japan and Sweden.

You want to learn more about Monocle?

Without doubt Monocle is one of the few magazines with worldwide consideration. As a magazine for global citizen Monocle informs about geopolitical issues as well as economy, culture, design, fashion and lifestyle. The founder of Monocle, Tyler Brûlé, is known as one of the most innovative media entrepreneurs in the entire world. Tyler Brûlé became famous as publisher of the lifestyle and design magazine wallpaper, which was very stylish in areas such as photography, advertisement and design within the late 90s. Around this time he also founded the design agency Winkreativ, not only to provide the typical wallpaper look for wallpaper advertisers.

Somebody wrote about Tyler Brûlé: “Everything you see, read and wear is influenced by Tyler Brûlé”. With the foundation of Monocle also Monocle Shops emerged, which supply the fan community with selected, fine products from all parts of the world in London, Los Angeles, Hongkong, Tokyo and New York. Brandbook provides the Monocle Shops with stationary products, which were designed by Monocle´s designers.

Quality of Life List

Many things could be said about the exceptional philosophy of Monocle. Compared to other magazines Monocle selects its own subjects instead of dealing with the usual journalistic hotspots. For example, the current edition portrays the Chinese metropolis Dongguan or published Monocle´s present city-ranking

If you do not know the magazine by now, you should calmly browse through it at a well-sorted newspaper shop. Even the haptics are extraordinary: High gloss cover, uncoated natural paper on the inside similar to Munken Polar. Typography and visual imagery demonstrate an attention to details as well as a high quality awareness.
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