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At brandbook we are constantly looking for new materials to produce books, notebooks or anything else. Therefore the Materialarchiv represents our first contact point.

With several material collections and an online databank the material archive provides easy access to a vast variety of substances such as wood, paper, metal, synthetics, stone, glass, ceramics, fibers, textiles, solvents and pigments. By cross-linking for example with eMuseum of Zürcher Hochschule der Künste you can research the substances and typical application examples, which is totally new.

Main target of the network is to demonstrate new material applications as well as inspire users for new applications. If you want to know from which material this matt black, rubbery iPad sleeve is produced, you do not have to call at Cupertino anymore but instead go online and check it out.

With all materials connected to books we are more than happy to inform you.
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