The Züri notebook

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Notebooks don't necessarily always have to be silent companions. The one we made for the Zurich University of the Arts is cheeky and talks to you.

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This notebook is intended for students at the Zurich University of the Arts who are going abroad for a semester of study or an internship. Small handwritten notes and drawings pose curious questions and provide surprising prompts for action to accompany the owners on their new experiences: “Stand with your back to a landmark and photograph what you see,“ “Watch a movie set here and visit the places shown.“ The prompts are fun and wonderful not only for real adventures but also for mental cinema.

The questions that the notebook asks us are not so easy to answer, and once you start pondering, you go from the hundredth to the thousandth: “What do you dream about at night?“ or “Do you behave differently here than at home?“.
The concept and design are by the graphic design office unfolded, the drawings by Stefan Marx.

The best companion in a foreign country and the perfect book for all those who are looking for a welcome distraction from straightforward paths of thought when taking notes.

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