The best notebooks for creative minds

brandbook, we love

....and they have selected brandbook. Yepp!

Kickstartboom brandbook notizbuecher
Online magazine kickstartboom from Brooklyn/NYC went on a hunt for the best notebooks for creative minds und selected our company. We are very pleased to be chosen as one of the best notebook brands. We were already wondering about so much request by design studios and advertising agencies in New York City.

Kickstartboom commented about this:

“brandbook is a company based in Germany that manufactures custom notebooks for creatives, studios, companies and individuals. As you navigate through their website you will find thousands of options to create a notebook that fits exactly what you’re looking for. After spending many hours browsing through their website I’ve come to the conclusion that brandbook is more than a manufacturer of notebooks but a studio made up of creatives that not only have a passion for notebooks but design as well.” kickstartboom magazine reports on design, music, film and urban culture.

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