That´s how writing helps you

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What happens if you write down your ideas:

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* In the 80s the Texan psychologist James Pennebaker examined what effects the writing has on his students. The result: Who writes about feelings simultaneously deals with his mental and physical health.

* According to a research by the University of Utrecht, writing helps grieving people to get over long-term rumination and emotional loneliness.

* Structural writing alleviate complaints, which manifested by a preceding traumata. After a few writing sessions the test persons of the survey issued by the University of Amsterdam were less affected by anxiety, tension, fatigue and depressive disgruntlement.

* The Dutch University in Twente analysed the influence of autobiographic writing on depressions. On this occasion personal life stories of patients moved into the centre of attention – a therapy method, which is commonly used within the narrative psychology.

* The University of Chicago explored in what way writing helps against test anxiety. Students had to write down their feeling shortly before the test – with success, the test results improved. The reason: Emotions overlap intellectual capacities. If they “write them away” the candidate develops a higher concentration and to retrieve the trained knowledge more easily.

* Dr. Matthew Liebermann, professor for neurology at the University of California, proved that writing causes an “unconscious regulation of feelings”. This explains why so many people keep a diary or write passionate texts, even if the desired success fails to appear at the audience.

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