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Yesterday: Slogan shirts - Today: Slogan notebooks

Stencil spray book making zone
Nothing against t-shirts with slogans, but wearing a slogan-shirt in a bureau does not really benefit a career. At this point brandbook fills another gap with progressive slogan-notebooks. These notebooks represent a refreshing contrast to Armani suits or costumes of Strenesse.

The carrier makes a statement, because after all he was not born with a suit in the first place. With this, confident woman with “Touch Pas Connard” can show strength or business consultants point out their flexibility with “Plan B”. A little bit of punk within the bureau can be refreshing.

Used cover materials: ·
▸ Sailcloth (used)
▸ Artist´s linen
▸ Bogus paper
▸ waxed cotton

Sprayed with self-designed, laser-cut tamplates. If you want to surprise your employees or customers with individual produced notebooks, also in combination with a matching shirt (for instance during a workshop or team building weekend). Just talk to us!
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