Paper art of Gunjan Aylawadi

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Paper is one of our most favourite materials. Not only it represents the perfect carrier for thoughts and ideas. Due to its versatility, paper is also an exciting design tool, which gets rediscovered by artists at all times.

Papierkunst gunjan aylawadi 01

We are especially astonished by the works of the artist Gunjan Aylawadi. Their ornamental paper works appear like textile fabrics and look delicate and powerful at the same time. If amorphous or geometric – the structures seem very detailed and its bright colourfulness starts to vibrate during closer attention. Attached to a wall or placed on the floor, the art works appear pictorial and sculptural as well as they fascinate by form and materiality.

The artist describes her craft as slow, concentrated like a sensual process, which affects the observer with its calming effects. To slide the eyes over the patchwork structure is comparable to a near meditative experience, which lets time go by easily – exactly the right thing for passionate paper fans like us.

Papierkunst gunjan aylawadi 04
Papierkunst gunjan aylawadi 05
Papierkunst gunjan aylawadi 03
Papierkunst gunjan aylawadi 02

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