Notebooks with white lines


Hip in Scandinavia

Notizbuch mit weissen linien
Normally lines, points, diamonds of most notebooks are printed in a light shade of grey. That is different in Scandinavia: The reverse method is currently trending – white lines on lightly grey printed pages. Could it be the long-lasting Scandinavian winter after which the people are sick of white or could it also be designer Olof Hanson, who had his problems with the classical method (grey on white)?

As a rule grids get printed very latent in order to vanish while copy or fax. So, where is the problem? Probably creative minds just want to apply the opposite method due to their way of thinking.

As book producer we want to use the chance to explain typographical opportunities to interested people: To print a grey area with white gaps on white paper leads to a higher usage of colour (offset-print) or toner (digital-print). Therefore you finally write on ink instead of plain paper.

A nice alternative could be the use of not-pure-white paper (for example Munken Pure), which is imprinted with white lines. Unfortunately the implementation of this method is difficult, because colours at offset or digital printing are not fully opaque but rather provide a glaze image. Nevertheless we will try it with a new offset-method by courtesy of a new colour mixture and present the results to you shortly after. Eventually we have some customers from Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo...

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