No more retro, please!

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Should notebooks look retro? Out answer definitely is: NO!

No more retro please 1

Sure, as a medium the book is ancient. It's almost as old as writing itself and as old as the desire for holding on to thoughts, ideas and information. It's no secret that print media as a means of communication is out of age. That's no reason though to treat the notebook, as we do with every other analogue object, like yet again another nostalgic companion of a pseude-independent hipster.

The monochrome and monotone retro notebook, usually produced in China, is the product of a misconception: A notebook isn't a meaningless accessory, it's not a pre-digital instrument for all of those people who think that everything used to be better in the good old times, but it's an absolutely neccessary phenomenon of our times. While analogue vintage objects usually are completely obsolete - with the right filter on your smartphone you can easily get the retro-look of a polaroid camera cheaper and quicker - the notebook still has its own and very unique potentials: the chronological organization system of a notebook corresponds to our brains' way of functioning, writing down our thoughts activates our long-term memory, we consciously slow down, high-quality materials combine function and design, and last but not least we see our subjectivity evolving on the paper.
The brandbook-way of using an old idea in the modern age says goodbye to retro-chic and introduces sustainable production in Germany, exciting cover materials, innovative printing and refining techniques and finally an absolutely up-to-date design. Get the notebook into our age!

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