New Releases For The 2012 Book Fair

inspiration, nuuna

We cloudly present: The Cloud BookA book full of clouds for your personal brainstorms.

Neuierscheinung buchmesse 2012
White pages are like blue skies without any clouds – a little bit boring. Our Cloud Book is different. Each page has ist own cloud formation that awaits your notes and drawings.

But beware: Some clouds might trigger a brainstorm.

  These are the facts:
• 120 x 200 mm
• hardcover with a cover material that’s as smooth as clouds (Cuturon® X-treme)
• a neon colored rubber band
• 192 pages with a slighty rough surface
• over 100 different pictures of cloud formations
• an integrated miniature flip book

Four months of hunting clouds in Frankfurt, Berlin, Milan, London and the Atlantic coast. We chose 100 pictures from more than 2000 pictures.

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