Innovation at hot-foil embossing

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“Laster Seamless” is the name of a new holographic foil

Innovation heissfolie laser seamless
At first glance the foil functions like a silver foil but from another perspective a shimmering rainbow-colored play arises.

Until now you had to accept color jumps at extensive embossing with hologram foil because the hologram designs did not have a continuous course. The new generation of endless hot-foil solved this problem. Considering the name the rainbow effect is in no way kitschy. Instead the color play represents itself as relatively subtle. Especially on matte, uncoated paper the color play ensures an interesting and contrasting depth effect.

Product features of “Laser Seamless”:
▸ One foil – universally useable for high-quality refinement
▸ Optimal appropriate for hot embossing applications as well as cold foil transfer
▸ Unlimited use on small and large surfaces
▸ no color jumps – incomparable gloss level
▸ very good embossing resistance
▸ constant embossing at any pace
▸ Optimal overprintability due to a homogeneous, uninterrupted holographic structure
▸ efficiency enhancement: no scrap rates because of shim lines
▸ unlimited design possibilities

You can find a selection of innovative effect-foils in our category material word.

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