Grandmother´s notebook


Out into the country side, smell hay, eat apple pie from an onion-patterned plate. Home country is trendy again.

Omas notizbucher
Home country is trendy again. Chequered kitchen towels, wrought-iron pans, crochet pillows & Co. currently celebrate their revival everywhere, not only for nostalgic people.

 Because things liked by grandmothers cannot be bad, can they?

Blueprint is an old textile print technique in which linen- or cotton cloth gets imprinted by print forms. We differentiate between direct print (blue on white) and reserve print (white pattern on blue ground). Until the beginning of the 20th century the leaves of the indigo plant delivered blue dye, which is a requirement for the blue print. Today the indigo dye is produced synthetically. Surely, grandmother enjoys our new textile notebook, which we equipped with cloth from the tradition-steeped blue printing plant Kentrup from Nottuln (Münsterland). For example the notebook can be used for marmalade-secrets, favourite recipes or pretty housekeeping books for inputs and outputs.

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