Which paper is the most environmentally friendly?


WWF´s paper rating portal

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With the WWF initiative “Check Your Paper” you can learn about the environmental friendliness of certain type of paper. http://checkyourpaper.panda.org. Unlike the established rating portal Paper Profile, the WWF as independent NGO did not rely on self-disclosures of the paper industry but rather created its own criteria (Forest Performance, Climate Performance, Water Performance).

Whoever wants to make sure that the used print product was produced from environmentally friendly papers should call in WWF´s databank.

Environmentally friendly books and notebooks

 Every type of paper which is used by brandbook for the book production reached scores between excellent to good. Additional criteria to evaluate the carbon footprints is also the production of the entire book including of used cover materials as well as the supply chain. Naturally the carbon footprints of books produced in Germany are significantly more positive than in the Far East.

brandbook exclusively produces in Germany and meticulously minds the fulfilment of all environmental standards.

Uncoated papers used by brandbook:
Recystar Polar: excellent.
Munken Pure / Polar: good.

Sustainable production? Environmentally friendly papers and cover materials? We like to inform you.

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