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Our favorite DJ is mixing up the Museum Angewandte Kunst (Museum for Applied Arts) in Frankfurt. ATA has transformed the museum into a concept store featuring music, fashion and design.

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Under the motto "Give Love Back" visitors can experience Ata's principle at its best: You can browse through t-shirts, posters, jewellery, record covers, furniture from Ata's cafés and clubs. And there's a new edition and an excluse magazine, as well. Everyone who wants to know what applied arts can look like nowadays has to go see the exhibition. Give Love Back. Ata Macias und Partner, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt/Main, 13.9.2014-11.1.2015 See you there! PS: You can find a small selection of nuuna books in ATA's Concept Store as well.

MAK Museum Angewandte Kunst
Frankfurt am Main
13.9.2014 bis 11.1.2015

See you there!
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