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New York Notebook

These pleasantly haptic notebooks are not only a wonderful accessory matching the exclusive shoes and bags of the lifestyle brand Cole Haan. The ornamental cover design is also a tribute to New York City. The playful patterns of the printed canvas cover refer to the architectural highlight of the Chrysler Building. The New York landmark is full of extravagant decorative elements on the outside and inside that are inspired by hood ornaments. And especially the pyramid shape of the rooftop with its imposing spire has become the symbol of this exciting metropolis. Its distinctive Art Déco style that influenced all areas of art and culture in the 1920s and 1930s still makes a good impression in the form of a book today. The praise of our New York client speaks for itself: “Frankfurt’s Brandbook is a world-leader in making custom notebooks that are so gorgeous, you’ll feel a bit guilty writing in them. A darling of the design, advertising and fashion industries, they’ve transformed the humble scratch pad into an endlessly fascinating canvas.”

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