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013 welcome package d2 brandbook notizbuecher notebooks
Black notebook with golden writing displaying motivational quotes such as 'Don't force it', 'Take breaks', and 'Finish something'

Welcome Package: Motivate your Co-workers from the first Day on

New colleagues – you would’t want to trade places with them: In the first days they are literally flooded with new impressions. So, it’s great when they’re handed a notebook straight away where they can jot down all workflows, company conventions, and instructions on how to use the new telephone system. And what’s even better, you can find some motivating words to ease your way into the new job.

This is just the motto that the agency Qwaiko chose for their staff book: “20 ways to stay creative.” The motivational sayings were typeset in hand written letters and embossed on the Italian reptile imitation leather diary with hot foil embossing. A great idea, in our opinion, because handwriting and notebooks just belong together.

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