129 neon baby skizzenbuecher d1 individuelle geschenke
129 neon baby skizzenbuecher d2 individuelle geschenke

Neon Baby! Strikingly Hot

Neon, formerly known as the loud anti-color of the 80s and 90s, has long since established itself as a constantly reoccurring stylistic device in the fashion world while still preserving its subversive hint of provocation. As one of the favourite colors of the brandbook stationary label nuuna, neon orange is the star of these sketchbooks and just perfectly harmonizes with subtler cover material. Because neon looks especially appealing on everyday materials such as cardboard. The incomparable luminosity of these cover artworks is also based on the printing process: the motifs were silkscreened with an especially high pigmented color – even two times in order to reach an even more intense and lush result. A cool look and confident statement, also highly recommended for anti ravers.

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