FAQ: In General

brandbooks don’t have any standard products. All of our books are custom made according to customer requests. We have very high quality standards and offer our customers the largest possible spectrum of cover materials, finishing options and production techniques.

brandbook products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Because the individual steps of our production process are perfectly attuned to each other, we are able to realise a completely individual book production in three to four weeks, even a large edition.

When you contact us, you will speak only to book production and design experts – we produce notebooks and books exclusively and have acquired the best know-how.

The timeframe for a production depends on the size of the edition and the design of the book. As a rule, we need 4 weeks to produce an individually designed notebook. It goes faster with our modular notebooks that we already have in stock for you. Including logos and different motifs or names, we can deliver these books within approx. 10 business days.

We produce all of our books exclusively in Germany. Smaller editions are handcrafted as much as possible. For larger editions, special machines are put to use for folding, stitching, book covering and bookbinding.

On our website, in the section References, you will find a compilation of our most beautiful book projects to inspire you. By using our Book Configurator or the Material Database you have the possibility to make an initial selection for your own book project. You can also gather further ideas in our showroom in Frankfurt am Main.

There you will find a large selection of cover materials, paper and actual book samples. We would be happy to put together a sample packet that is in accordance with your request and fits your interests and will send it to you.

Yes, of course. Please contact us directly at:

Distribution international:

Marit Erb
[email protected]
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 245

Barbara Jensen
[email protected]
+49 (0) 69 40 80 90 170

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