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The most important magazine for visual communiction in Germany, Page, is dedicating itscurrent issue to digital and analogous notebooks. You can read a short excerpt right here:

Die page ueber nuuna brandbook 01
„Whether they look for new and innovative materials on a Fair for Shoes and Bags in Italy or whether they use odd materials like recycled safety vests: The notebook producers from have been experimenting with all sorts of binding cloths, papers or different printing and processing techniques since 1998. Up to now the notebooks have been available to business customers only.

nuuna by brandbook – a new consumer brand

Now the company has launched a new consumer brand called nuuna, making their notebooks accessible for everyone. Notebooks by brandbook as well as by nuuna are being produced in Germany. Their standards of quality for example include a stitch-binding for each book. You can purchase everything from plain white, grey or black notebooks to brightly colored rubber bands and book edges, as well as books with high-gloss covers in pastel or neon. Others are made with a silver-screen printing – be it on grey board, reclaimed leather, jeans label material or on a cardboard with a neon colored book spine made of synthetic fibre and finished off by a pen holder. The standard size is 165x220 mm, books from the Kollektion Studio XL are 225x290 mm. All books are available on the internet, in the company’s shop in Frankfurt, Brückenstraße 66, or in different book shops and museum shops all around the world.“

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