Mixing Up Your Idea And Sketch Collection


Fresh from the pressing plant...we mean, from the bookbindery: the nuuna Mixtape.

Die eigenen ideen mixtape nuuna notizbuch 1
A notebook looking like a tape, containing 192 pages for individual ideas and sketches. The flexcover with gloss effect protects your ideas from dirt and pirated copies; the black tape helps you find your latest entries. On the endpaper there's a paper bag where you can store your notes, receipts and much more...

These are the details for Mixtape:

▸ notebook (round corners, 198 x 300 mm), roughly DIN A4
▸ 192 pages with different, bright orange grids
▸ printed endpaper
▸ paper bag in bright orange on the endpaper
▸ black bookmark looking like a tape

Die eigenen ideen mixtape nuuna notizbuch 2

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