London Calling

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nuuna Sneak Preview at the London Stationery Show

London calling graphic nuuna design
It was very very ambitious and tight, but we managed to finish the production just in time! Our retail collection, which will be launched in the retail market under the label “nuuna”, has been finalised. It includes more than hundred book types. Sketch books in all sorts of formats, notebooks and magazines, reporter blocks and, and, and…

They are all fitted with the best papers, cool designs and elaborate covers. Further more all books can be opened really easily and stay open evenly, in order to be able to write and draw across the back margin.
The books come with new inner grids, from scale paper to ruling to very fine mini dots.
We embossed some of our notebooks especially for London – not just because we like listening to The Clash – with funky motifs like “God save the queen”, “London Calling” and many more.

We are looking forward to meeting all retailers who are sick of the generic black notebooks.

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