Gropius, Rosenthal And The Pigsty. The Notebook As Storyteller

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Extraordinary stories are the perfect means to attract interest - especially when they tell of true legends. The perfect place for the best stories are, of course, books.

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On the occasion of their 100th anniversary, the world renowned porcelain company Rosenthal recently pulled an especially curious anecdote out of their archives - and assigned brandbook to produce proper notebooks and image books. After all, these analogue tools are not only suited to record individual stories of their users, they are the perfect way of presenting your companies' products, activities and services.

Everyone knows that the effect of a story not only is depending on its content, but also on its form. Thus the cover of a notebook already provides a spectacular appearance: the reflecting cover material with its elegant copper tone is finished off with a white silk-screen pattern.

The reflecting effect thus combines with a matt tone, providing an extravagant contrast.
On the first pages, made of fine Swedish Munken Paper between grass-green endpaper, you will find a wonderful story featuring Bauhaus-legend Walter Gropius and Rosenthals founder Philip Rosenthal, as well as a pig. The plot: a lost bet between Rosenthal and Gropius leads to a design that's absolutely unique in the architects oevre. The familiar Bauhaus style is applied to a pigsty for Rosenthals domestic pig RORO.

With Rosenthals death the design had been forgotten, until it was realized by the Frankfurt-based architects of unique assemblage 40 years laters. Palazzo RORO is the perfect occasion to design both a unique porcelain collection as well as an exclusive notebook - now available for example at Berlins KaDeWe. It's obvious: extraordinary stories belong into extraordinary books.
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