Eco-friendly Notebooks


Notebooks aren’t disposable. They don’t age and usually they don’t produce and disposalproblems, because they are archived and cherished.

Umweltfreundliche notizbuecher
Still, many notebooks aren’t great for the environment, either, if they are, for example, produced in Asia and shipped all over the globe. The ecological assessment has to take many different issues in account: The materials, the production conditions, the transport routes, the packaging and the disposal.

Recycled paper

The produtction of recycled paper consumes only 1/3 of the energy, water and carbon dioxide when compared to a standard fresh fibre paper. From an eco-friendly point of view, recycled paper thus is your best choice. Still though there are many differences amongst recycled papers. You should always use paper that’s marked with the eco-label „Blue Angel“. Only these papers are completely made of waste paper.

Have a look at this overview of the most important brands and sources of supply for recycled paper:

Distributor Brand
Igepa – Circle Offset (formerly known as Resa Offset)
Papier Union / Inapa – Enviro Top 
Antalis Cyclus und Cocoon

brandbook recommends the following recycled papers for notebooks and books:
Enviro Polar: Blauer Engel + FSC Recycling

Our criteria:
_good writing characteristics
_good printability
_tensile strength

certified by the FSC

The acronym FSC stands for „Forest Stewardship Council“ and is used to certify paper that is made of wood from sustainably forestry. The FSC seal guarantees that the wood comes from legal timber production. Paper producers usually have a hard time
finding out where their wood comes from. Besides the ecological aspect, the FSC seal secures social standards. Products with the seal „FSC – 100%“ are made of timber that exclusively comes from forests or wood plantations that are certified by the FSC. The seal doesn’t tell you anything about whether or not waste paper is being used for your paper products. That’s why there’s another seal called „FSC – Recycling“. This seal guarantees that your paper has been made of waste paper completely. Compared to the „Blue Angel“ seal, the FSC seal doesn’t allow any conclusions as to whether the quality of the waste paper is good or whether chemicals have been used during production. There are lots of different papers to be found in the FSC database. Of course, we will be happy to provide consulting.

brandbook notebooks always are Made in Germany. We’re always looking for the best environmental compatibility when it comes to paper, cover material or ink. Our cover materials are usually made of 100% recycled materials. The papers we use for our inner books are always certified by the FSC and we always try to use solvent-free glue.Additionally, we provide a special service for customers who want a climate-neutral production.The inevitable carbon dioxide emissions will be neutralized by trading emissions permits, supporting climate protection projects. You can always chose which project you want to support. Your book project will get a certificate number for you and your business partners to look up the project you supported.

brandbook is partner with Bergwaldprojekt e.V.

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