Cervo In Zermatt


The Hotel Cervo doesn’t only rely on the appeal of the Matterhorn which you can see right from theirterrace. By now, the Cervo itself has become an attraction.

Cervo zermatt gaestebuch notizbuch brandbook
„You don’t enter the Cervo through a revolving door but through a small, almost private doorway. That’s just more appropriate for a chalet that has been run by the
same family for generations. Right behind the door you are greeted by a simple
desk, a telephone and a smile. You immediately feel welcome – and only a few
moments later you feel at home.“

You can find this feeling in every detail, in the service, in the food, in the equipment, in
the design – even in the image notebook that we produced for the Cervo. The
slim format is bound in leather fibre, the logo is embossed on the cover and
the many photos in the inside almost let you feel as if you actually were there.

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