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Topic: Personalization of notebooks

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Typical question:
I am looking for high-quality customer gifts (hence notebooks), but I really want to personalize every single book. Which opportunities do I have?

First of all there is the classical option with single name embossing. Therefore we offer different hot type fonts. The bookbinder assembles the names from plumb letters and stamps them onto the book cover. This ensures that the font appears deeper at the cover. We call this kind of embossing a blind embossing.

The number of available fonts and font sizes are limited. A new possibility to personalize your notebook is the laser engraving. Different to the embossing process, the engraving technique removes the surface of the cover material instead pressing it down. Because of the engraving the cover material colour changes around the engraved places. Black cover material becomes brighter at the engraved places, brighter material rather darker. One advantage of the laser engraving technique is that practically all fonts and font sizes can be used – this is very important with corporate typefaces. Furthermore laser engraving is slightly cheaper than single name embossing.

Everything we need for the personalization of your notebook is an Excel-list with the names, the required font and font size as well as stand information.
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